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Buksh Foundation aims to provide quality financial services to the unbanked in Pakistan. Its targeted clients are both rural and peri urban residents Almost 70% of total population resides in the rural areas, out which 80% are poor, and for producing a significant impact in lowering poverty levels, Buksh Foundation has made a strategic decision to venture out in rural markets and increase its portfolio of rural clientele.

Micro Entrepreneurs (male and female)

This includes population engaged in entrepreneurship and running of micro business like small grocery stores, tailoring shops, vegetable/fruit vendors, barber shops, beauty parlors etc. The mission is to work with ‘microentrepreneurs’; who are themselves actively using the advanced loan for business enhancement instead of passing it on to their spouses or other family members. Within this segment, priority is given to working with female self-entrepreneurs.

Small and marginal farmers

According to the 2000 Agricultural Census, only 37 percent of rural households own land, and 61 percent of these land-owning households own fewer than 5 acres, (15 percent of total land). Most of rural residents are tenant farmers.

Livestock owners

Livestock is an integral part of rural lifestyle; rearing a buffalo or goat for household’s milk needs is a norm. The role of livestock sector in the rural economy specifically can also be gauged from the fact that 30 to 35 million rural population of the country are engaged in raising livestock (small herds) and derive 30% to 40% of their income from th