Lightening a Million Lives: Access to Clean Energy for ALL (SGAFP)



Project Objectives

To successfully materialize aforementioned objectives, following clear cut objectives have been proposed:

1. To distribute solar lanterns among 2,000 Households in the un-electrified villages located in
District Bahawalpur;
2. To orient concerned community members regarding the importance of solar light and
operation of the distributed rechargeable solar lanterns; and
3. Replacement of the use of harmful kerosene oil energy sources with clean solar lanterns.

Key Milestones

A brief summary of the scope of work is given here:

  1. Project will be implemented in 03 Union Councils of Tehsil Yazman, District Bahawalpur, Punjab;
  2. Ensuring required documentary evidences/ means of verifications for various project deliverables;
  3. Bringing on board required staff, both from the USAID cost share as well as from grantee cost share, if applicable;
  4. Arranging One-Day project launching ceremony;
  5. Conducting Comprehensive Poverty Score Card bases Baseline and End-line field survey for immediate Impact Assessment and submitting report to SGAFP;
  6.  Forming 03-member Project Steering Committee;
  7. Selection of the targeted number of villages and the targeted number of households based on the results of the poverty score card assessment;
  8. Organizing orientation sessions, one per village, for all the targeted beneficiaries; total number of sessions being dependent on the number of villages selected;
  9. Procuring 2,000 Solar Lanterns through competitive bidding process with the approval of SGAFP;
  10. Distribution of 2,000 Solar Lanterns to 2,000 selected households;
  11. Preparation and submission of a project sustainability mechanism spelling out a collaborative arrangements to ensure provision of repair & maintenance services by the BF beyond project life;
  12. Undertaking external financial audit with the approval of SGAFP;
  13. Ensuring the compliance against Environment Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (EMMP)
  14. Ensure a detailed programmatic and financial review of the project through SGAFP; and submission of required progress reports as explained under Section 17 above

Anti Fraud Hotline

The Grantee is required to include the following language on its website (s), and in any solicitations, procurements and recruitments:

“USAID/Pakistan  has,  in  cooperation  with  the  USAID  Office  of  Inspector  General, established the Anti-Fraud Hotline to provide an avenue for the reporting of fraud, waste, and abuse which may be associated with USAID funded projects in Pakistan. Complaints are handled with complete confidentiality and individuals are encouraged to report when corruption, fraud, waste or abuse may exist in the USAID/Pakistan projects. Reports can be filed anonymously via the easy-to-use Hotline (toll free number 0800 84700); e-mail at; fax at 021-35390410; postal address at 5-C, 2nd  Floor Khayban-e-Ittehad, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan; and on the website www.anti-”


The project  “Lightening a Million Lives: Access to Clean Energy for ALL” is made possible with support from the American people delivered through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the sole responsibility of Buksh Foundation (BF) and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of USAID or the U.S. Government.”