Buksh foundation intends to keep a track of the impact being generated by its microfinance programme through a series of bi-annual impact assessment reports which gauge social and economic indicators and identify the performance of a selected sample of clients and reasons for it. Plus it also discusses latest initiatives, developments and research work undertaken to assess the performance of its targeted clients.

Progress of a sample of clients is tracked, with individual focus on each of them, and assessed through changes in 5 indicators;

  • Income
  • Family Savings
  • Expenses on children’s Education
  • Health expenditure
  • Food consumption

The low performing clients are surfaced through this analysis and are then given focused attention by the staff, assisted in overcoming the shortcomings that they face either personal or business related. It is very important to establish a relationship with these clients because they need assistance and not just credit in order to move out of the circle of poverty, whether it is in the form of business development, health insurance, financial education, market linkages or just a confidence enhancement discussion.